Monday 13 May 2013

Where Do Women Find Real Empowerment?

While some women in the West believe that "choosing" to strip naked and climb onto a pole in front of male admirers is empowering, in the real world, Latifa Nabizada is the first woman pilot to hail all the way from her native Afghanistan with her daughter and flying enthusiast, 5-year-old Malalai on board.

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And I ask myself, have we become too complacent about the achievements of generations past: vote, birth control, work? Have we forgotten that our ancestors STARTED something that we must carry on in order to perpetuate its positive effects? Have we forgotten that rights are an ongoing struggle in an ever changing world?

Girls, if you want to be empowered, chase your dreams and make them real. Trust me you DO NOT have to take your clothes off in the process. Do you ever see any man undressing in order to have his views or rights validated?

ENJOY your body and its abilities, cherish it, feed it but do not go about seeking EXTERNAL approval on what is YOURS to make the most of. Look after yourself, make the most of everything you have been given and chase what you believe is right. Empowerment is not to be overlooked as an individual to be judged by the size of your chest.

If in need of inspiration, do listen to Latifa and Malalai on BBC RADIO $ Woman's Hour,here. (The interview starts at 34:00 mins on today's programme May 13th 2013.)


In this blog I intend to do some historical justice to the many, many women who have contributed with their genius, creativity, adventurous spirit, nurturing - amongst other qualities - to the apparent linear and male dominated prescribed notion of History. This is just the beggining.