Tuesday 4 August 2009

Carmen Herrera

I am ashamed to admit I never heard of Herrera before. This incredible lady who is 94 years old, is having her first solos show in the UK (in Birmingham) this month until the 13th of September at IKON Gallery. (source The Observer)

Apparently Herrera, like many female artists who have settled in NYC in the 1950s, was "at the wrong place at the worng time", since the decade was ruled by "male abstract Impressionists" like De Kooning, Pollock, Rothko etc.

But here she is, standing strong, and painting too. An absolutely remarkbale woman!


conniewonnie13 said...

Hello Luciana!
I'm happy to see you that have visited my blog, Reverent Strange, how ever did you find me? I've been looking around your blogs today and really like what I'm seeing so I'll be acquainting myself with your posts:)
Nice to 'meet' you,

theroofcat said...

I will join you in the hall of shame... I did not know this artist either... Tell us more...



In this blog I intend to do some historical justice to the many, many women who have contributed with their genius, creativity, adventurous spirit, nurturing - amongst other qualities - to the apparent linear and male dominated prescribed notion of History. This is just the beggining.