Monday 4 January 2010

Lana Gogoberidze (b. 1928 in Georgia)

Lana Gogoberidze is a prolific director whose films primarily focus on the realistic, nonsentimental, portrayal of women's lives. Before enrolling in the State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow, she attended the University of Tbilisi where she had originally planned on becoming a literary scholar. She wrote her doctoral thesis on American poet Walt Whitman. Upon graduating from VGIK, she made her first feature film, Pod odnim nebom (1961). Her first film to gain international recognition was Neskolko interviu po lichnym voprosam (1979). In 1984, her film Den Dlinnee nochi was entered into the Cannes Film Festival by her government. In 1986 her film Krugovorot won the director's award at the Tokyo Film Festival.

still from: Some Interviews on Personal Questions, 1978

Gogoberidze's Filmography:

Valsi Pecoraze (1992)- Screenplay, Director

Krugovorot (Full Circle)(1986) - Screenplay, Director

Den' Dlinneje Notchi (Day Longer Than the Night)(1984)- Screenplay, Director

Neskolko Interwju Po Litschnym Soprosam (Some Interviews on Personal Questions)(1978) - Screenplay, Director

still from: Full Circle (1986)

source: The New York Times ( - by Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide)

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