Wednesday 14 September 2011

The exceptional Krystle Warren

I must confess I haven't heard of her immaculate performance at Jools Holland in 2009,nor have I heard of the concert at the Soho Theatre last year.

So I was in for a very special introduction to this extraordinary singer and performer as she entered the stage - in her shorts and plimsoles, carrying her estimated acoustic guitar - at the Shepherds Bush Empire prior to the eagerly anticipated performance of Joan as Police Woman that evening.

The voice, ladies and gentleman, this lady has it. And as with the late and much missed Jeff Buckley, dare I say, it's not only the earnest poetry of the lyrics but the way she delivers them; it's her singing that gets you. She sings with her face, her throat, her lips, her nostrils. And she cracks good jokes in between songs too. A talent that makes you feel at ease in her presence, not intimidated by it. Refreshingly inspiring, to say the least.

Krystle Warren performing Circles, on later with Jools Holland in 2009.

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