Tuesday 14 February 2012

Thank you Universe!

Thirty Six reasons to be grateful:

1. An 8am phone call from an 80 year old lady to tell you Happy Birthday.

2. The three Birthday / Valnetine cards you got from the most delicious man in the world.

3. To be alive

4. To be loved.

5. An 8 30am phone call from your parents on the other side of the Atlantic.

6. If no one called it would be okay too. Love is what you do when you don't have to. And love accepts people for whoever they are. Everything else is b***shit.

7. We are getting married.

8. Bergman week in Faro in April.

9. The taste of butter melted on toast.

10. Cup of Brazilian coffee with Japanese soya milk.

11. The street you live in and the people who live and work in it.

12. London.

13. Aeroplanes - those fantastic machines that take you to places you dream of.

14. The ocean in between lands - never a barrier but the soft, temperamental, liquid link between continents.

15. Music, always music.

16. Love

17. Love

18. Love

19. To have your Birthday on St. Valentin day when you wished you were a troubadour at the age of 13

20. Patti Smith on Vinyl

21. To finally learn how to spell vinyl correctly.

22. Solitude in the day and Love Date in the evening.

23. Weekdays off as paid holiday.

24. To work hard for something and see the tree bare fruit.

25. Fearlessness

26. Selflessness

27. Grace

28. Story telling

29. What you don't tell but feel.

30. Our pet spider (RIP)

31. Our plants happy to get all the moisture from the bathroom.

32. Cakes at Cakey Muto

33. Books about the Sea, Science, Poetry.

34. The Moon and its phases

35. Charity

36. The Universe for allowing us to experience of such wonderful things.

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