Monday 11 March 2013

The Questions That Women Face Today

Following up from the Hilary Mantel and her views on Kate Middleton, I have a few questions to raise. And the question are not just related to Mantel's views on Middleton herself but what she actually represents in today's society and to women in general.

Can women only be 'read' through the supposed (or rather imposed) symmetry of their faces and physique?

Can women write or speak out without being misinterpreted, misquoted or misunderstood?

Is it the case that a woman who is both beautiful and silent does not cause contradictions of any sort, does not disturbed the imposed order that women still face?

Answers on a postcard.

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In this blog I intend to do some historical justice to the many, many women who have contributed with their genius, creativity, adventurous spirit, nurturing - amongst other qualities - to the apparent linear and male dominated prescribed notion of History. This is just the beggining.