Tuesday 22 October 2013

Look at Me! Pretty Ugly by Louise Orwin at Camden Arts Centre

image source: Louise Orwin official website-  www.louiseorwin.com

On BBC radio 4 Woman's Hour this morning, performance artist  and researcher Louise Orwin talked about her latest project Pretty Ugly as part of The Feminist Festival taking place at Camdem's People Theatre in London until the 5th of November 2013.

In Pretty Ugly, Louise Orwin acted as an undercover investigator, infiltrating the surreal and virtual world of internet, bullying and avatars. In this parallel universe, girls are willingly exposing themselves via different guises and consequently subjecting themselves as targets for bullies and voyeurs running the risk of debilitating their self esteem and sense of individuality and purpose.

Why do girls need that kind of attention and validation to the point that they will dress themselves up or down, exposing a facade of girlishness and eventually being deeply wounded by strangers who do not really know nor care for them?

This is might be now a question of our times but the issue itself has not arisen in recent times. This thorn on women's trajectory has been long stimulated and exploited by arguably placing womanhood as a topic to be incessantly scrutinized much like women themselves.

By giving strangers the power to inadvertently affect us with their judgement we are no longer free, we cease to exist as individuals and there won't be much left for us to thrive on and grow from. What girls need to realize is that their assets are priceless, never for sale and for their own use and exploration.

Surrounding your self with positive friends, relatives, attitudes, comments and a network of support is a life long challenge. There will be negative individuals who will try and break a girl or anyone that is seen as a human variant of the male species. When a girl willingly surrenders to this cyber roman arena crowded with lascivious intent, she should at least be aware that any hope of flattery is not only preposterous but it might come at a very high price indeed

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