Thursday 4 June 2009

Leonora Carrington (1917 - )

"The face seemed to regain some of its absolutely-irresistible-atraction, although the folds were of course still there. From the lunar plexus i arose like a hungry trout and was caught fast on the sharp barbed hook that hangs inside all once-very-beautiful face.

A thin magnetic mist formed between myself, the face and clear perception. This is what I saw in the mist. 'well, well, i was really beggining to petrify in that old lunar plexus. This must be me, this beautiful, smilling fully toothed creature. There i was, sitting in the dark bloodstream like a mummified foetus with no love at all. Here I am, back in the rich world, where I can palpitate again, jump up and down in the nice warm swimming pool of outflowing emotion, the more bathers the merrier. I Shall be Enriched." (My Flannel Knickers 1955)

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In this blog I intend to do some historical justice to the many, many women who have contributed with their genius, creativity, adventurous spirit, nurturing - amongst other qualities - to the apparent linear and male dominated prescribed notion of History. This is just the beggining.