Monday 18 October 2010

Katharine Towers' poem "The Way We Go"

Read this on the underground today. I took it as a very much yearnt for gift from the Universe.


Wealden said...

Yes Luciana ... a gift from the Universe indeed.

This poem brought a touch of magic to my tube journey when I saw it last Tuesday and I wished I'd written it down. I knew, though, that some kind person would post it online, and that kind person turned out to be you. Thank you! And, by the way, what a wondrous blog! A treasure trove of good things. I've just been listening in awe to Joan As Police Woman - Start Of My Heart.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the comment Wealden :0
LS x

Anonymous said...

Oi Luciana… Brasileira?

I saw this poem, wrote the name and author's name on the palm of my hand, which got sort of erased by the time I got home… doing a hopeful google search, I found your blog! Thank you! A really beautiful poem. Cheer. Tim tim.

jess said...

I saw it this evening. It's the most powerful poem I've read in years. It represents how I feel. Jess

Unknown said...

I love how this poem has caused such a powerful reaction... funny how, especially in places like the train, we can all feel so isolated, caught up on gadgets or free newspapers and then, we read a poem and thats it, we are all reminded that we are human, alive, passionate beings.

Im glad |I shred this. And god bless all the poets in the world.

PS: btw, sou brasileira sim :) LS

Nicky Tanner said...

Thanks for posting! - Nicky x

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you for posting this, found through google, as I'd seen in on the northern line and it stopped me in my tracks. It's a stunning poem, very simple and beautiful. Thank you.


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